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10-15 kilometre ride

Section A

1st:  Pair no 37 Barbara Sanders Port Royal and Peg Twitchett Tiggy  121.52

2nd: Pair no 1 Kim Filmer Jewel Park Aachen and Chris Ezard CT Horiscope  119.04

3rd:  Pair no 21 Katherine McWade on The Big O and Sue Reed on Dylan 106

4th:  Pair no 31 Yolanda Howe on Cherokee and Annette Crnojaki on Emma 66.64

5th:  Pair no19 Rachel Rushby on Darraach Park Ebony Rose and Lynette Cornish on Anvil Park Rasabelle 59

6th:  Pair no 27 Debbie Goldsmith on Mr Snuffleupagus and Sarah Taylor on LT Final Edition 20

Section B

1st:   Pair no 18 Debbie Brady on Jameson and Rebecca Todd on Jazzmaster 108.56

2nd: Pair no 8 Sue Taylor on Really Reba and Julie Robins on Killarney Bells 91

3rd:  Pair no 30 Linda Muldoon on Wirrengulla Rochester and Di Politz on Tempest 83

4th:  Pair no 6 Zinna Semchif on Barefoot Warrior and Deb Bahr on Crunchie Bar  82

5th:  Pair no 26 Cassandra Fraser on Dixon and Karen Bates on DP Maximum Impact 77

6th:  Pair no 12 Bethany Gavalakis on Xqizit That's Hot and Jodie Gavalakis on Corio Kustah 77

7th:  Pair no 34 Stacey Dixon on Scarlett and Natasha Dixon on Ripley Lodge Shady 76.44

8th:  Pair no 4 Kerrie Tresize on Octrivia and Leanne Showler on Sonny 40

20-25 kilometre ride

Section A

1st:   Pair no 41 Debbie Austin on Clancey and Mandy Organ on Tintagel Maestro  140.4

2nd:  Pair no 69 Jennifer Williams on Red and David Wallace on Shakopee Lad   137

3rd:   Pair no 53 Bev Edward on Doungle Reaction and Sharlee Connley on Radar   127

4th:   Pair no 65 Carleigh Adams on Tommy and Cait Rogers on Millwood Jay  127

5th:   Pair no 59 Jessica Smith on Planet Shaker and Kathryn Clark on Ascot Heath Super Nova  114.66

6th:   Pair no 51 Stuart McKay on Ruperdoo and Jessie Karp on All's Well  110

7th:   Pair no 75 Melanie Earl on Apache Moonshine and Brendan Antone on Trippin' the Light  109

8th:   Pair no 49 Jennifer Philpotts on Leawarra Grace and Marilyn Miller on Grantasia  103

Section B

1st:   Pair no 78 Sonya Richards-Stuart on Glenmoyle Dancing Sun and Judy Gibbs on Jet 149.5

2nd:  Pair no 70 Brodie Harrison on Doc and Kimberley Smith on Mayan Aura 140

3rd:   Pair no 72 Emma Apsey on Hitchand Lucinda Mack on Walter   133.3

4th:   Pair no 66 Jane Hill on Southern Cross Tango and Jan Kennan on Don Rodrigo  129

5th:   Pair no 60 Leanne Romaszko Douglas and Emma Romaszko on TSH Highland Wilson  127

6th:   Pair no 62 Leanne Taylor on Sha'alan Maddison and Sally Mitchell on Bally Kye 122.5

7th:   Pair no 54 Anne-Marie Flenley on Fallowfields Fudge and Kate Smith on Tawks Cheap  120

8th:   Pair no 58 Amanda Edwards on Walkens Wizdom and Emily Fairmade on Wahini  119


 Full Team Results

1st: Tallarook Family Riding Club "Rooks Not Crooks"   259.4

Kim Filmer on Jewel Park Aachen

Chris Ezard on CT Horiscope 

Debbie Austin on Clancey

Mandy Organ on Tintagel Maestro  

2nd: Wangaratta/Alpine "Algaratta"  230.5

Barbara Sanders on Port Royal 

Peg Twitchett Tiggy  Melanie Earl Apache Moonshine 

Brendan Antone Trippin' the Light

3rd: Trentham ARC "Wealy Way Off Wombats"  220.7

Katherine McWade on The Big O

Sue Reed on Dylan Jessica Smith on Planet Shaker

Kathryn Clark on Ascot Heath Super Nova

4th:  Echuca & Dist ARC "Alchy Al and the Angels"  217.6

Debbie Brady on Jameson 

Rebecca Todd on Jazzmaster 

Debra Brown on Isle of Razzamatazz 

Alan Cooney on Brigalow

5th:  Bullengarook & Dist ARC "Always the Bridesmaids"   209.7

Stacey Dixon on Scarlett 

Natasha Dixon on Ripley Lodge Shady

Emma Apsey on Hitch

Lucinda Mack on Walter 

6th:  Maryborough ARC "MARC Time" 203.6

Yolanda Howe on Cherokee 

Annette Crnojaki on Emma

Jennifer Williams on Red 

David Wallace on Shakopee Lad

7th:  Bendigo FEG "Bendigo Bushbashers"  193.9

Sue Taylor on Really Reba 

Julie Robins on Killarney Bells

Lisa Ingersoll on Trasimon

Kim Howard on Bean

8th:   Dunolly HAC "Dunolly Dux"  186.7

Karen Stephens on Candy 

Michelle Amalfi on Kalmari Warrior

Sonya Richards-Stuart on Glenmoyle Dancing Sun

Judy Gibbs on Jet

Winner of the best performed barefoot/booted horse

Barbara Sanders on Port Royal


Full Results


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